About Us

Founded in 2000 by two philanthropists who were seeking a proactive way to make a difference for children and families in Vermont, the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation and a supporting organization with the Vermont Community Foundation.

Since 2000, the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children has led a collaborative, focused approach to ensure that outstanding programs for all of Vermont’s youngest children are launched, funded and integrated fully into Vermont’s early care and education system.

We serve as a catalyst and seed-funder for the most innovative initiatives and provide support critical to Vermont’s efforts to attract further funding to implement these programs.


The mission of the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children is to “Ensure that every Vermont child has access to high quality and affordable early care and education by 2025.”

The Permanent Fund has committed its endowment to ensuring that by 2025 its mission has been achieved as measured against three goals:

  1. 100% of Vermont infants and toddlers likely to need care have access to a high quality program
  2. 80% of Vermont child care providers in the highest levels of our quality rating system.
  3. Families pay no more than 7% to 15% of their household’s gross annual income for child care.*

Access, Quality, Affordability

*Federal guidance is currently set at 7%, but the Permanent Fund is part of a statewide conversation to determine consensus around the definition of affordability for Vermont families.

What sets The Permanent Fund apart?

Everything the Permanent Fund does incorporates these strategies for leveraging positive results:

Systemic Change. In order to achieve a sustained impact on the lives of Vermont children and families, The Permanent Fund focuses on changing and improving early childhood systems rather than investing in individual programs.

Leadership. By convening the key players in Vermont’s philanthropic, business, government, and early childhood communities to develop strategies focused on improving early care and education, and by providing the funding and support necessary to implement those strategies, The Permanent Fund has established itself as an effective leader.

Collaboration. The Permanent Fund has had remarkable success collaborating with other funders which has resulted in greater impact than any of us could achieve working independently. Through collaboration, we are able to leverage our funds by 3:1.

Data and Research. The Permanent Fund relies on good data and provides the necessary research to make a strong case for continued investments in early care and education.

Patience. It often takes years to achieve the lasting outcomes that we all seek. We’re committed to the long-term approach — to building strong relationships and staying at the table.

Innovation. We pilot and evaluate new strategies for positive impact, then embed them as appropriate into the work of Let’s Grow Kids, Vermont Birth to Five and other sustainable organizations.

If you would like to learn more and share ideas, send an email or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. Please Contact Us.

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