President’s Letter


Vermont has a rich history of being a leader nationally on important issues affecting children and families. The Permanent Fund, with its collaborating funders, now seeks to establish Vermont as a model for the nation in early learning. Our mission is to ensure that all Vermont children have access to high quality and affordable early care and education by the year 2025.

Research has consistently shown that brain development and learning begin not in kindergarten or Pre K, but in the cradle, with a child’s early learning environment determining school readiness and success in K-12 education. For a state or a nation to have an effective education system and strong economy, Government, in partnership with the private sector, must establish policy that places a priority on early learning; and must provide the necessary funding for excellence in an early care and education system that is affordable for all children.

Our Vermont Birth to Five initiative demonstrates the efficacy of critical elements of a high quality child care system and works in parallel with our Lets Grow Kids public awareness and advocacy campaign. These two initiatives, combined with our research and pilot projects, are the essence of our strategy to achieve our goals by 2025.

Vermont has an advantage in being a small, rural state where we can be nimble, build consensus, and get things done. With only 6000 babies born annually, Vermont is well positioned to act as a laboratory for the nation. Please consider joining us on this critical mission.

Rick Davis
President, The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children

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