Mobius is proud to announce its expansion from a regional mentoring agency into Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership.  Moving forward, Mobius will provide technical support, advocacy, and funding for youth mentoring programs throughout the state of Vermont.

Since 2003, Mobius has served mentoring programs in Chittenden County as a regional mentoring umbrella organization.  Mobius’ statewide expansion is a collaborative effort with mentoring programs and funders to provide mentoring services to all areas of the state, and to form a unified voice for the mentoring cause.

“We look forward to working with mentoring professionals throughout the state to strengthen their programs and ensure that more youth throughout Vermont have the opportunity to have mentors,” said Chad Butt, executive director of Mobius.

The structure of the organization includes a new Program Leadership Council, comprised of elected representatives from mentoring programs across the state, who will advise the organization on mentoring initiatives.  Four members of this council will also act as members of Mobius’ Board of Directors.

“Vermont’s mentoring professionals and funders have been working together for several years to create a sustainable and supportive mentoring support organization,” said Amy Cunningham, executive director of Everybody Wins! Vermont, and member of both the Program Leadership Council and the Mobius Board.  “We are thrilled to see mentoring opportunities expand across the state.”

The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children and the A.D. Henderson Foundation are supporting Mobius’ statewide transition by providing $150,000 towards the organization’s expansion, and grant making to new and existing mentoring programs across the state. Mobius will also be working with the Vermont Agency of Human Services to administer a $170,000 Vermont Mentors! mentoring grant for fiscal year 2014.

“We congratulate Mobius as it transitions to becoming a statewide youth mentoring partnership,” said Rick Davis, president of the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children. “Having a positive relationship with a caring adult is an essential asset for every child and mentoring remains the most cost-effective way to help young people stay on track. With our collaborating funders as partners, we look forward to supporting Mobius as we seek to realize the promise of every Vermont child.”

In its new role as the state mentoring partnership, Mobius will provide technical support for programs and volunteers by maintaining a statewide program directory on its website, and a mentoring database that will allow programs to manage their program data, and track outcomes for the youth that they serve.  Mobius will also be leading ongoing efforts to raise public awareness of mentoring throughout the state.

About Mobius:

Mobius’ mission is to develop a culture of mentoring for youth in Vermont.  Mobius is supported by the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, the A.D. Henderson Foundation, and the State of Vermont. For more information about Mobius and its mentoring initiatives throughout the state, please visit


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Benji Thurber


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