Happy 2018!

I am moved by the generous contributions so many of you made to the Permanent Fund at the end of 2017. You have been loyal readers, advocates and supporters, closely following the progress we’ve made together imparting the importance of high-quality, accessible and affordable child care for our beloved state. I am deeply grateful, and inspired, that so many of you chose to invest financially in our collective fight for Vermont’s children and families.

And, you are not alone in your investment.

We began the new year with a trip to Chicago to meet with several leading national funders and advocates of early education and child development.  National leaders validated the approach we’re taking to achieve statewide systemic change for delivering high-quality, affordable early care and learning, and we were struck once again by how fortunate we are to be tackling this issue in a state like Vermont where leaders know how to collaborate across sectors, bust silos and identify creative solutions to effect large-scale challenges. These Vermont values again stood out to us during meetings with venture philanthropists and business leaders in Boston, who acknowledged our insight and determination to find local solutions for urgent national challenges. Thanks to your forward-thinking support, we are making a national impression as a state with the grit to get it done for our children and families.

In the coming year, our systems-building work will take a community-by-community approach to capacity building, sustainability and advocacy. We will create 500 new, high-quality child care slots throughout the state, build shared services networks that strengthen quality and sustainability for child care programs and expand our advocacy work in the field to make early care and education a top issue in state and local elections this fall. Simultaneously, we will continue to draw national attention to the progress we’ve made together, learn and adapt as we go, and promote Vermont as a leader in this ambitious fight to achieve our mission by 2025.

Please read on to learn more about the critical challenge facing Vermont and the country, and thank you for being part of the solution.

With gratitude,

Rick Davis

President of the Board of Directors

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