Let’s Grow Kids


Vermont’s severe shortage of high-quality, affordable child care forces thousands of parents to make tough choices between work and family every day. This is an issue that resonates broadly.

Let’s Grow Kids is our statewide, privately-funded, 501(c)(3) advocacy and awareness campaign that has built a supporter base of more than 20,000 in just four years, and in the past year collected 13,000 signatures on a Petition calling for increased public investments in high-quality, affordable child care. This movement has already begun impacting Vermont politics: child care became a leading issue in the 2016 election season and, in January of 2017, Vermont’s newly elected governor proposed an unprecedented investment in early childhood in his budget bill.

Let’s Grow Kids monitors and evaluates its progress in educating and activating the general public via annual market research. Statewide opinion polling since 2013 shows a significant increase in the public’s understanding of early childhood development, as well as growing consensus that the state should be doing more to ensure access to high-quality child care.

Visit Let’s Grow Kids at letsgrowkids.org

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