Whitepapers & Reports

Final Report of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care

Report on how we could expand Vermont’s early care and learning system to make high-quality, affordable child care accessible to all children who need it, published November 2016.

Vermont's Early Care & Learning Dividend Report

Report on the economic impact of investing in early care and learning in Vermont, per the Blue Ribbon Commission’s recommendations, published in February 2017 by the Vermont Business Roundtable’s Research & Education Foundation.

Stalled at the Start

An analysis of the demand for and supply of regulated infant and toddler care in Vermont.

Growing Vermont's Kids: A Policy Vision for Early Care & Learning in Vermont

LGK’s white paper (policy statement) outlining the current challenges facing kids and families in Vermont, the opportunities to better support them, and what a comprehensive early care and learning system could look like in Vermont.

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