Vision for Vermont

Our mission

In 2015, the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children identified a leverage point for long-term, transformational change in Vermont. It starts with unlocking the biggest potential within our small state and smallest citizens: Our children.

The Permanent Fund’s mission is to ensure that every child from birth to five in Vermont has access to high-quality, affordable child care by 2025. This will require the formation of a sustainable early childhood system.

It’s not an easy task, but we’re confident we can do it, thanks to:


Multiple national studies have shown that investing in the first years is the best strategy for governments to ensure long-term economic prosperity and healthy, happy citizens. Vermont-based research has found that ensuring every child had access to high-quality child care would yield $1.3 billion in net benefits to the people and state of Vermont over the working lifetimes (60 years) of the children served.

Our strong philanthropic foundation

The funding collaborative behind our work is robust, unified and deeply committed to this mission. The funders have invested the upfront resources necessary to create a highly productive, entrepreneurial environment that yields top-of-the-line results.

Our Team

The Permanent Fund has brought together the best, brightest and most passionate to divide and conquer Vermont’s child care challenges via a triple threat of policy change, systems building and research and development. Our organization walks the talk by providing our employees the most competitive family-friendly policies and culture in the state.

Invest in a state that’s “solution-sized”

The Permanent Fund’s success will be a replicable, scalable model for the nation. With a forward-thinking political climate and a small population, Vermont has achieved a history of doing things first. Think of our state as “solution-sized”:

  • We have a population of only 625,000 people, with 6,000 babies born a year.
  • We have a track record of success in influencing public opinion, creating policy change and dramatically improving early opportunities for young children in the state.
  • We are fueled by a group of dedicated early childhood funders who are committed to seeing this through.
  • In our citizen legislature, bureaucracy and red tape are minimal, with lawmakers, the governor’s office, business, higher education, healthcare and philanthropic partners all collaborating closely and regularly.
  • Our diversity is growing with a large influx of new Americans to our urban centers.

We’re seeking visionaries who are compelled to invest in the number one opportunity for social change ROI: early childhood.

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